Always Thinking Outside The Box

Gun It - Season 5 - Antique Episode
Okobojo, SD 1945 2014


Filmin' and Fishin' In My Alumacraft

Didn't Catch a Thing That Day...But Who Cares!
Waubay, SD 2014


Gun It's Top Secret Rides!

The Gun It Crew Getting Ready to Roll
Pierre, SD 2014


I love What I Do!

Representing the 'Everyman' of the Outdoors!
Cabela's Promo Pic '14


It's About Family

My Brother and I After a Fun Gun It Duck Hunt
Northeast, SD 2011


It's All About The Fans!

Cabela's Pheasant Classic
Mitchell, SD 2014


Life's About Spending Time With Buddies...

and Some Days You Only Come Home With One Fish
Lake Oahe, SD 2014



Shootin' Roosters Since the '80's
Henry, SD 1985


The Gun It Tour Bus

4 MPG, No Heat, Bald Spare Tire & Smells of Stale Beer
Pierre, SD 2014


This is the America I Know

I'm About The People, Places & Small Towns I Travel


Where It All Began...I've Never Looked Back!

My First Goose
Onida, SD 1983


What is EveryOutdoorsMan?

For nearly six years, Benny Spies has proudly represented the average outdoorsman, weekend warriors, the part-time hunters, the important majority that most outdoor shows fail to engage.

Hunting is about real people driving beat-up vehicles into muddy farmland in Nowhere, South Dakota an hour before sunrise, all jittery on anticipation and caffeine. Hunting is about small towns and the characters met there. It’s about ducks flying overhead and profanities flying below. It’s about inside jokes and tomfoolery and shenanigans and yelling “ROOOOOOSTEEEER!” It’s about enjoying life with friends and family, creating stories about real people doing real things.

“The Everyoutdoorsman is the 9-to-5 working blue collar outdoorsman who was born and raised enjoying the outdoors. It’s the guy who dreams of hunting on the weekends with his buddies while staring out the window of his office. Like me, these same guys dream of the moment, which at some point during the thousands of hours spent in the field, they might get a shot at a Boone & Crockett whitetail. And if it actually happens, hit or miss, the adventure will live forever in a story that’ll be told a million times in a thousand different ways. This is the everyman hunters’ reality.“ – Benny Spies.

So saddle up folks! Benny and his crew continue hitting the road in his ’73 RV in this fresh, energized reality show that gives an authentic look at how America truly enjoys the outdoors. This isn’t another one of those outdoor shows where everyone is whispering in the woods while waiting for a trophy to appear. This is just a good ‘ol boy out enjoying exciting adventures with his family, friends and random people throughout small town USA. Sometimes things go right and sometimes they don’t! That’s reality.

Gun It with Benny Spies is produced by Ditch Panther Productions, Inc.

Gun It Theme Song written & performed by Jimmy Herman & Chris Hennessee.

Benny's Partners

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How the Legend of Benny Spies Began

After 11 years of persistence and perseverance, my dream of creating and hosting a TV show became a reality. I’ve earned degrees from both South Dakota State University and Florida State University and had excellent TV experience working behind the scenes for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” in the Page Program for NBC and in production for PBS and VH1 before moving back home to South Dakota to create my own outdoor show. It wasn’t easy, but after years of “no’s”, I finally heard a “yes” from VERSUS. “Gun It” premiered in 2010 and ran for three seasons on VERSUS / NBC Sports Network.

Beginning in 2013, “Gun It” moved to its current home on Sportsman Channel and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m currently a contributing writer for Outdoor Life magazine and also co-hosted a special on Animal Planet and was a field host on Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”

My passion is to share my love for the outdoors and give the world an honest representation of how the majority of Americans enjoy it. Few people have the opportunity to travel the world and hunt and fish wherever they want. I’m no different. To me, it’s not about the high-dollar game hunt or having the best gear money can buy. It’s about going out and doing things the way I was taught – gettin’ dirty, pullin’ the trigger and sometimes casting a thousand times to catch one fish. It’s about enjoying timeless adventures with friends, family, and the people I meet throughout the small towns I travel. Most importantly, it’s about having fun! And, I’m damn good at that.

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